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hoping to get my art out soon  crossing fingers;}

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  • Jade these are extraordinary, I do not have a clue how you produce them, they surely are inspired.  WOW!  This one reminds me of our North Wales, Snowdonia national Park, the lake there is called a 'Lyn' in Welsh.

  • hey thank you!!!!! I'm hoping to sell them soon  wales sounds like a interesting place

  • Wales is that part of the UK mainland that is in the left and north of the Bristol Channel, it is a very varied place in the south it is a land of valleys high hills and coal mines with slag heaps.  It has a rugged coast inter-dispersed by sandy river deltas, the north is mountainous with lakes big and small.  The North Wales coast consists of long sandy beaches and is a favorite vacationing area with many resorts.  The pictures below are of North Wales

  • I'm curious, Sister Jade, these are Aureola Borealis images, right? On this first one, are there 2 peaks in the middle or is one aureola? What am I looking at here?

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