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The ORION taken above the house, last Month. Was using a  "GE 14.1 Megapixel , Model A1455" Point and shoot camera. Shutter speed-30 second exposure, ISO -1600 , white balance - incandescent, EV - 2.  Even I was surprised at the decent exposures that the little camera gave up.  The same LORD that holds all the HEAVENS in their place with a precision timing , holds you and I in our place .Christian Brothers and Sisters ,we are in goods HANDS..

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  • I am amazed by this image Charlie, the rule is normally that a 15 sec exposure with a 50mm lens is the maximum exposure without getting star trails, but you have used a 30', so I guess that your lens must be about 22mm.  You have also got a great shot of Lupus, but Orion is by far the most interesting constellation to me, the nebula has always fascinated me.  Sadly, although we love in a small village we have a health centre at the back of us that has floodlights on during all the hours of darkness, the light pollution from those lights makes it almost impossible to get decent shots.  I even purchased one of those high intensity torches to see if I could fool the CDS cell, but it isn't strong enough.  I have lots of equipment but it is almost useless with the floodlights, it is even difficult to get my computerised telescope lined up with any index star.

    Can I invite you to join the 'Looking Up' group, I'd love some more people to post there Charlie, I personally have a passion for both astronomy and photography, so I think we have a lot in common.

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