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I really don't try to retain great knowledge of the night sky like most astronomers do. Each time I get outside to glass the night sky it is a moment just to witness what the LORD has created for our enjoyment. Many times a prayer has been offered to the " LORD ,such as "YOU have made everything that I will see tonight ,all of this is moved by YOUR mighty hands and must move at the pace that YOU have appointed unto it. Please show me something that I have never seen before, allow my mind to place in proper perspective of how mighty LORD YOU truly are, and that some place above all I will see tonight sets the seat of YOUR majesty. You are the one TRUE GOD and I am your creation that is known to you as well as each star in the heavens is named by YOU.  Thank YOU , LORD for loving me. AMEN 

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  • Another super image Charlie, and another one of Orion, which as I said last time holds a fascination for me, I think because it is within the Orion nebula, the bit that looks rather like a comet shooting down at 45', that we can observe God's creative power in action.  For it is in areas like this nebula where new stars are born from the gas and dust that forms them.  God did not just click His fingers and speak into existence a universe that was static, it is a dynamic system, the gift that keeps on giving and producing.  It is the scale of the universe that really displays His glory and power, because within its vastness it continues to populate itself with new stars, planets, moons, nebulae and galaxies, beyong our imagination.

  • Brother Charlie, You look at the stars as I do. I like to think "GOD'SS been at HIS painting once again!" I realize there are those (no offense Brother Derek) who see constellations and such. I simply see the beauty of HIS creation. I question nothing else. :-) In this past year, I have been trying to see HIS creations rather than the devil's misbehavior (to say the least).
  • No offense taken Terry, you see I have a double barrel wonderment, when I look through my telescope or look at the night sky from a dark place I am staggered by the beauty and imminencity of God's creation.  But wen I start to observe and analyse then attempt to understand, I am again amazed at God's creation, in both the micro and the macro.  The way the universe is in total balance, the, so called, darn energy and dark matter, that we cannot see or measure; or even find, that holds the spacial bodies in place.  As the Bible says holds the stars in their courses, it is God, by direct influence or by design, that holds the universe together.  If you have ever looked through a astronomical telescope at Saturn, seen the golden globe of gas surrounded by it rings, like a gold broach set on a dark blue velvet cloth, and your breath was taken away by its beauty, you will know what I mean.  I honestly marvel at His handiwork.

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