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The winter has its beauty too but can be deadly.  Use the sound mind and discernment that the Lord has gifted you with.  Here I have simplified a view of my small Oreintal Maple (?) in the snow.  The dim sunshine is leaving some subtle shadows through an aged fence.  This tree is so full of branches that it catches much snow.  Impressionism, 9 by 12 inches..

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  • This is quite brilliant, you have captured the moment, including the cold, but my favourite part is how you have captured the weak winter sunlight, possibly late afternoon, or just before sunset??  Very atmospheric with a minimum of colour (paint) involved, I love it, for me this one of your very best.

  • Thanks Derek.  I did have French Impressionism in mind with that winter shade and grey blues.  'The light of the moment' as some have dubbed it was on my mind.  Yes, very little paint was used.  It was more like mid afternoon, but the light and clouds made it look a bit later.  I have always liked the subtle blues of shadows in the snow.  It is one of the few things good about the snow.

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