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By Wisdom ("Sophia" in Greek) the Lord created the Worlds and the Ages-Proverbs 3:19. Although Wisdom is associated with the whole Godhead, much of the early church equated Wisdom more with the Holy Spirit and often looked upon both Wisdom and the Spirit as feminine. The Hebrew word for Spirit is "ruah" and is considered a female word or name.  In Greek it is "pneuma", which is gender neutral.  In Latin it is "spiritus" and is often considered a masculine word.  

The early church often used Greek as it was the dominate language in Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean and the Old Testament quotations found in the New Testament generally follow the Greek Septuagint.  It is not difficult to see how the Holy Spirit would be considered to have some feminine aspects. Much more could be said about this. It could be made into a full discusion.  At any rate I have attempted to paint this.  12 by 18 inches, watercolor, freehand, two brushes..

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