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pansy thru brick

I was looking for a sign and feeling down and shortly came upon some pansies growing through a neighbors cement walkway...  Truth and beauty come through~~~~

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  • Isn't that great Steve, when you come across something like this, life springing forth out of place where one would not expect it.  I have seen many instances where I was amazed.  Once, many years ago, I took some students on a field trip to the English Lakes, an area in the far North-west of England, that still has some semi-managed wilderness left.  We struck out into the wild cameras in hand, on the side of a mountain (locally called a 'pike') there was a row of fir trees all exactly in a line.  It looked so strange that I thought it would make a great picture, so I climbed up the mountain to get a better angle.  When I got close I discovered that this row of trees had strung from one common source, a tree that had years before been felled by some storm and ripped the root system from the ground.  The parent tree, that must have attained 200 foot, had almost rotted away but from its trunk twenty or so individual trees had sprung along its length.  It made a real impression on me, how, from death, new life had sprung in abundance.

  • That is a wonderful account Derek.  It reminds me of John 12:24..

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