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Holy Father, holy is your name. I give you all the honor and praise for your love, grace and faithfulness. Heavenly Father, I invite you to search my heart and know my mind, will, and emotions. Test me and know my thoughts. Point out anything you find that leads me on a destructive path. I let go and leave behind worry, fear, insecurities, prejudices (sexism /racism) selfishness, control and depending on oneself, and not on you Holy Father. I turn from my sins of partial obedience which is clearly rebellion and invite you, to do a supernatural work in my heart that loves you and desire to be completely obedient to your laws.  Lead me in an everlasting path, Lord. I focus my eyes and thoughts on your goodness and love, while I rest in you. I am sowing trust and faith in you, Lord, so I can harvest a bumper crop of peace and blessings, while I live in your presence. Thank you for your grace , mercy and love. Lord, give me delight in you as the greatest treasure of my heart. Holy Father, align my desires of my heart with yours. Holy Father, whatever it takes, increase my awareness of my dependence on you in everything so that I will live continually by faith. Lord, teach me to discern good from evil through the rigorous exercise of constant practice. Holy Father whatever it takes, keep me desperate for you because I tend to wander when I stop feeling my need for you. Holy Father, whatever it takes, discipline me for my good that I may share your holiness and bear the peaceful fruit of righteousness. Heavenly Father, increase my resolve to do your will with all diligence. In Jesus’ name I pray…Amen.

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