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How many hours of television do you watch in a 24 hour period?

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  • Zero because the "news', in a technical sense, contains zero information. TV is a weapon of mass distraction and it's very adept at getting into your head. And the commercials...I refuse to pay to have my intelligence insulted when I can have it insulted every day for free.
  • almost none unless there is a sports program on I want to watch
  • I watch very little TV. I quit the mainstream news years ago and depend on American Family Radio for my news. I might watch a halmark movie with my wife on the weekend but really don't feel there is much else worth the effort.
  • Basically none. We don't have a tv that gets channels. Haven't since I was a kid. Got a movie player tho, but that's it.

    Not to say I never watch youtube for too long.
  • Generally, I and my wife listen to the radio during the day. When I get home after work about midnight I have tea and watch something that I can learn from for about half an hour before going to bed. On my weekend I will watch a couple of hours (about 2-3 +/-). Years passed I watched a lot of TV, you might say I am a reformed TV-aholic..
  • This is not a straight-forward question, our TV is on most of the day, but not watched very much. Dawn is either crocheting or administering her big FB crochet group. I am usually writing (CLM or some other project) or doing something practical. If there is something interesting on or a news program I stop to watch, but other than that it just background noise. This is always been the case with me, I can't concentrate in a silent ambiance.
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