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In John 8:1-11 we read about the women caught in adultery. Jesus was asked about the situation and he started to write in the sand and dust. What do you think he wrote on the ground?

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  • Sins of the men as He looked at them
  • Maybe he knew their secret brotherhood code (they did go about in a mob). Then they knew he had everyon's secrets.
  • I agree with Kim. I think Jesus was pointing out each of their sins.....
  • I think he might have been writing some of their sins and that’s why they dispersed so quickly.
  • BTW it takes two to commit adultery. Where was the man? Do you think maybe this was a setup? Maybe a trick to get Jesus to make an unjust judgment?
  • Bishop K. C. Pillai wrote some books about eastern customs and expressions. His books are available at He says writing on the ground was a common eastern custom to focus the mind and shut out distractions.
  • It doesn't say in the Word, so is left up to our own musings. I would guess he put some words of encouragement towards the woman to give her peace about the eventual outcome of the days teachings.
  • There's a movie "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone." I love the movie. He tries to fake that he's accepted Jesus, but the Christians around him are wise to him. You have to see it. He's playing Jesus in a church play. One of the scenes Gavin's playing Jesus writing in the sand.
    God bless,
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