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What do It mean by missing Heaven by 18 inches?

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  • Making my self too smart to deal with my conscience
  • That is the distance from you brain to your heart. You can k ow about Jesus with your brain, but you have to Personally Know Jesus with your heart. Alot of people know about Jesus, but don't KNOW JESUS with their heart!
  • You're welcome!
  • Sister Tennafa, Your explanation makes sense to me, especially since I have never heard the statement. Thank you for sharing.
  • I've heard it several times, and the best way to describe the meaning is this:
    There are approximately 18 inches between one's heart and one's head. Many people have what is called a 'head knowledge' of Jesus and of His gift of salvation, but for one reason or another, they haven't acted on it. They haven't put their trust in Jesus as their Savior, and while they know all about it, and can probably explain it in technical terms quite well, they have no real experiential knowledge of the gift of salvation. They know, but they don't KNOW. It's kind of like when people who offer sympathy for the loss of a loved one, but those who have lost a spouse can truly empathize with one who has lost their spouse. Someone who made a horrible decision and lived to regret it can best help those who are about to make the same decision and hopefully can steer them clear of heartache because of their own experience. I can properly describe the inner workings of a computer, but I have no experience in building computers or fixing them, thus I'd be useless helping someone wishing to build their own system. But if you're asking me about knitting, I can give you both the technical terms and descriptions, AND I can give you recommendations on yarns, knitting needles and other tools you'll need to knit a sweater. I can give valuable information on which yarns to use depending on who the sweater is for, and what will work well in different seasons. I hope this makes sense to you and it helps. Have a blessed day!
  • I haven't a clue..........
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