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What do we think of people like Mary K Baxter who claim to have dreams, visions and revelations of Jesus, heaven and hell?

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  • The word of God is enough for me
  • I would not want to say that every person who has a dream, vision or revelation, and says it is from God, is insincere. People really do have experiences like that. The question is where do they come from? it seems to me that someone who seeks guidance from dreams, visions, etc. had better be careful because they risk being led astray. I believe God does sometimes still speak to us in this way, but what God may say to me in a dream, etc is usually specifically for me or someone close to me. i am very skeptical of anyone who has such experiences and then promotes them publicly in a book or whatever and personally don't follow any teaching, or accept as valid, from any book except the bible.
  • In general I believe these people are just trying to get attention for pride or money. They might have actually had some sort of dream and embellished it. Very little of these claimed dreams and visions have anything really biblical. It bothers me because the less educated might actually be led astray.
  • I just had to do a google search to find all I needed to know to form an opinion of her. She has incorporated under her name (Mary K Baxter Inc.) and has a website as her home page for that corporation. Most of the entries for her on Google were ads for her book(s), "A Divine Revelation of Hell". While I believe in Holy Spirit revelation to man, this woman, as Dr. Derek writes below, just doesn't feel right in my spirit either.
  • Until now I had heard nothing of this woman. However, I try not to pay any attention to claims such as hers. I simply have a problem with those who make claims such as hers. My personal opinion, possibly close minded but so be it. I must admit, though that I am not the best educated on this type of thing.
  • Lots of problems with this woman, I have never heard of her previously but looking at her web-site my indwelling spirit started to rebel. The site is very much Mary K Baxter focused, she claims that Jesus Himself took her through heaven and hell and told her to write it down in a book, for which she asks $18. I really have problems with people who purport to have prophesies or visions, and then attempt to 'sell' them, it is tantamount to selling God's word, if it is of God. Another thing that occurred to me is this; if God/Jesus had wanted what she was shown made general knowledge, then why was it not included in the Bible. Seeing as how the Bible is very clear that Hell (as we know it) will only exist after the establishment of the New Earth, or the 'Judgement', until then no judgement has been made, so consigning someone to Hell before judgement is an injustice, and God is not unjust. As she talks about Hell existing in the present tense, then I do not believe her and would assign her as a false teacher.
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