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  • I think God loves everyone, no matter where we come from or what we looks like. It sounds really simple, but sadly it still happens to often that we people have prejudices against other people and judge them by their appearance or even achievements.
  • One of our commandments is to love thy neighbor. So as for me I don't see color. All I see is people and if we work together and end this racism the world can be a better place.
  • I admit that I've been racist all my life, and so far, I don't know how to turn it off. I've tried, I've prayed about it, and it tends to just stay with me. In fact, I admit that I like it and find all kinds of excuses for entertaining it.

    I was born into a "white" family, but all my life, the people who treated me best were "black," and I just did not care as much for whites. When I was 8-1/2, my family left CA, moving to MS. On my first day of school there, I was confronted with segregation, which continued through the first half of 7th grade, when we moved to KY. I don't know if there were any people of other colors there, because I didn't see any. Later, upon our move to MO, there were other peoples, but only one family, specifically black, in the small church father ministered in and none in the neighborhood. Well, enough of that (it goes on -- similarly).

    Me -- I despise racism, but I am still racist. And at the age of 70, I know I shall soon stand before G_D and answer for everything. I have no idea what I am going to say, in answer for this attitude. I have not honestly repented, because to repent, I would have to agree that I am wrong and change my ways. At this time, I cannot do that in honesty.


    I truly regret writing the above and apologize to everyone here for writing it. I have kept this, as it was expressed this past Wednesday, to myself. I should have left it there.

    The days following that unwise writing have been filled with utter horror for us, and I hate that what I wrote may have added to the consternation we are all feeling for some. I am So Sorry.

    I was flippant, in some ways, about my attitudes in this regard. G_D helping me, I am more seriously seeking His forgiveness and change in my attitude.

    Again, I am sorry.
  • Anne mburu that is an interesting question. My mind immediately went to God choosing from the human race a people to be His very own. He calls them His own and they call Him theirs.
  • IS there race in God?
  • Agreeing with all that has already been said. I despise how some in the political arena are using that term for their own purposes.
  • I we consider for one moment, that God made Adam and Eve who held the gene bank for every variation of the human specie. That it was God who wrote the instructions that we call DNA, RNA and 'junk DNA', and that humans were His crowning glory of creation, in His image, it may hive us some idea what God thinks of racism. He abhors it, why would certain pigment of human be any less regarded than another? We are all in His image, reject one variation and you insult God, not the person.
  • From a Christian perspective, I'd assume God would condemn racism as He wants us to love all, That aside, I am getting tired of those in the left wing of the political spectrum crying racism at everyone who does not agree with them. Just because I'm an American and want to protect our borders does not make me a racist. America is made up of people with different races, cultures, beliefs who came here legally or were born here. Anyway, seems like those who are doing the accusing are the ones who are racist, in my opinion.
  • I believe GOD is very unhappy with any of us Christian or not for being racist. Because HE tells us in the Bible to love one another as yourself. For me that is the be all and end all of it..
  • God does not like "Racism" as we understand it, although I should note that some people see racism under every stone, calling many things racism that are not. Racism is holding the view that one race is genetically inferior and should be dominated by others. Many southern plantation owners 150 years ago thought this about blacks.

    God does not like racism because he is for justice (Deuteronomy 16:20) and Love (1 John 4:8). Racism is not compatible with Justice and love. He views it as unjust and unloving!!!!
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