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Which Church do you belong with?

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  • For me, it came down to a choice between Protestant and Other with Other being pretty undefined. I believe in most of the basic tenants of the Protestant Faith, as laid out by Martin Luther a few years back but disagree with a lot of the practices going on in the faith now.Dr. Derek has defined these problems well here and I agree with him (and have learned from him). I also incorporate a strong belief in the gifts of an active Holy Spirit and am quite Charismatic in my faith. It's common for me to be driving down the road, praising and singing out in tongues to the Lord quite loudly. I lift up my needs and cares to Him at these (and other) times as well and my neighbors and family members may think me a bit batty or loopy but who cares about them, right? It's how I relate to my God, and it works for me!
  • My problem is that most 'organised' faith systems are run like businesses, and as such depend on getting people through the doors, the better the numbers the better the income. If you have large buildings to maintain or pay a mortgage on you need the income. So what you don't want to do is to get a reputation for being out of step with the majority of society (The World), so things like a biblical creation are dumped, as has been same sex marriage of late. So the church accepts the philosophy of the world and in the hope that people will see them as being 'up to date' or in-step with science. I left the Anglican church when they officially accepted Evolution as the origin of man, and I left our last church when they started preaching that the law was abolished, despite Jesus' statement to the contrary (Matthew 5:17-19). The Roman Church also followed suit with an official acceptance of evolution, but then the Roman church has been guilty of ignoring many of God's laws, as can also be said of the various Coptic and Orthodox churches.
  • I was born Protestant and know nothing else. I must say though I am curious about other religions.
  • I'm more in line with Dr. Derek P. Blake...
  • Linda I bet a very large portion of those who identify as Catholics have an outlook just as you have expressed.
  • Although I was baptized Catholic, I'm leaning more toward being Christian. Some aspects of the Catholic church I disagree with particularly liberal views from the Pope.
  • I don't belong to any organised or labelled faith system, I belong to the Ecclesia of Christ, I have yet to find a church that adheres strictly to God's word and obeys His commands.
  • Even though I identify with Protestantism I do not agree entirely with it.
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