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Beyond sight sound or feelings

    We live in a culture of rampant miss information, and it is easy get mislead. Everywhere we turn there political message which are quite frankly are used to brain wash the public into supporting a political ideology. This is not new through out history evil men have used media to trap the souls of men. The original form of media manipulation came in the form of paintings, and drawings on the walls of caves.
    Throughout the ages the state of media has advanced to fine art, literature, television, and most recently the internet. The one thing that has been a constant through time is that the one one receives a media message rarely knows the one who sent it or what were his intent in sending it. As men we have a tendency to follow things that look right to us, but do us harm. In light if this truth, one can not rely on his sight, hearing, or reasoning to determine how to interpret whether media information is true or good. Thee only thing that we can actually trust in the word of the Lord who loves us, and never lies.
   The political and media establishment has hated president Trump, and has treated him with total disrespect. In the visual media of cartoon strips, comic books,and words printed on tee shirts, Trump is portrayed in negative terms. I see theses things constantly. These I reject a mere gossip, which is a thing that God hates. From God’s stand point the one who gives out gossip is just as bad as the one who receives gossip. Not to mention the Bible states the all authority is established by God. So Trump has been given authority by God as the president of the United States. I respect what God has done so I reject any images that attack God given authority, that in this case,President Trump.
    Recently, I was at a Church service in which the preacher started out by a fifteen minutes slamming of Trump’s character. What he was according to his own words based on nothing but his personal feelings. I was shocked, and rebuked the Pastor for allowing a man who hates God ordained authority in the pulpit. The media uses words to stir up hate against Trump, and reject those words because I refuse to give into hate, It is called a slander campaign. Once again, those that receive gossip and slander are as guilty as those initiate it . Both of these actions are seen by God on the same level as murder. My fear of God protects from this type of manipulation. Every time Trump has been attacked he has gotten stronger, which from the Bible is a sign that God has placed and man in office to workout his righteousness. The scenario we see happening with Trump is identical to that in the life of Christ and the Pharisees, and well as king David. This all following a Biblical pattern. It is impossible to take down a man under the hand of God.
    God has spoken to us several times concerning this president.
In 2006 Kim Clement speaking through the spirit of the Lord laid out trumps presidency in detail, and every word of his is coming to pass in detail. Before the presidential nominating process began, Mark Taylor, several other and myself prophesied his presidency. I stood by what the Lord told me, inspire of enduring much abuse because of it. Because he took stand for his Holy people Israel and the church, God is giving him a second term, and to add insult to injury there will be another Trump in the white house following the presidency of Mike Pence. The Democratic Party will not be in his way after 2020, because God will remove them totally. Along with some major Christian denomination that stood against his righteousness.

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