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Over the years I have been involved in researching Christian Apologetics (facts and evidences for Christianity) and know how facts and reason support Christianity.  Relating to this I have often read about issues of science and origins as well as how this relates to Christianity and Genesis 1.  Needless to say I am not a supporter of Young Earth Creationism as it is a fact that the world is very ancient but I am also NOT a supporter of "theistic evolution"as it has sundry problems too. Basically I fall in between....someplace. One of the main problems with "theistic evolution" is that they seem to just accept anything put out by the regular evolutionary biologist as well as gradualism, despite the self evident fact that many gaps exist in the fossil record.  For example no fossil half-bats have been found and there is no gradual evolution of bat wings in the fossils.  This is just one glaring example.  I also see some "theistic evolutionist" propose that the story of Adam is simply symbolic....which is nonsense.  One recent new form of "theistic evolution" is called "Biologos".  This is a nice Greek term meaning, "life-word".. In reading a recent book (The Language of Science and Faith, by Giberson & Collins), I see it just as the same position with a new name, sort of like putting bad coffee in a prettier cup.  Just the same they do make several valid points.  Science is not atheism and gives no support to the illogic of atheism, nor does science say everything happened by chance, as that is not supported by experiments and probability.  It is important to point out that some atheistic persons, such as Dawkins and Sagan often mix their metaphysics and atheism with science and call it science anyways.  Sagan passed away but his equivalents are still playing this game. The greatest of scientist were either Christians or something other than atheist so this equating science with atheism is very wrong.

Christians need to study these issues and keep in mind that somethings are not negotiable.  For example, Adam was a real person and the fall of man took place.  Adam is the starting point of the genealogies which are not full of gaps amounting to 10s of thousand of years.  Adam lived at the time indicated and his immediate children are building cities and producing musical instruments with metals.  Dr. Hugh Ross (progressive Creationist) has produced some wonderful writings but he stretches the genealogies out to the extreme.  If it is a fact that true Homo Sapiens go back long before Adam then Adam would have to have been specially created and inserted on the time line as the federal head of humanity, and tested. Interestingly, some Jewish scholars have long taught that 970 or so generations existed before Adam, which would take one back to the cultural explosion of about 42 thousand years ago.  Adam is not just a cute symbol but a real person just as Abraham and Isaiah.  There was a real fall in need of a real redeemer.

There was also a real Noah and flood..  The story is not a fable, although the Bible does use hyperbole here and there.  Regardless of the exact size of the deluge Noah could only see water.

The New Testament gospels and letters were all produced while eyewitnesses to Jesus still existed.  No respectable scholar will put anything in the NT latter than about 95 AD.

I would like to point out a few things in regards to Genesis 1.  Much of what is taught in the creation account is about dominion and what rules in each domain.  Man dominates the lower creation, of the sea, land, and sky, with only God over mankind.  Part of what it teaches is God alone is to be worshiped.  It is a polemic against pagan worship of the moon and nature.  It does not say much about processes but simply that God did it.  It is not science nor is it opposed to science but has a different purpose.  It is also logically confirmed by experience as we all know that mankind is capable of  destroying the environment and also that pagan worship is an utter waste.

In regard to creation and its tempo I favor a programmed creation or evolution where the genetic code is akin to computer code but 4 digits instead of 2.  Look around you.  Billions of times a year caterpillars transform into moths and butterflies because it is programmed to take place.  Now going back to bats as I mentioned above, what if it were programmed in the DNA of some species of Shrew or some other creatures for bats to suddenly jump out?  This would explain the so-called punctuationalism.  Bats can't evolve slowly or suddenly so what does it leave?  The creator may have arranged it this way so over eons of time the creation could produce a near infinite number of forms and experiences.  When you love something you want it to be free.


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