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Did God Create Himself?

Since the beginning of time, there had been a lot of arguments for and against what Christians believed in.But none had shaked Christianity to it's very core than the inquiry into the beginning of the universe itself. It was even more serious when you realize that the question is about the origin of God.Now the ultimate question - Did God Create Himself.There was an article on Wikiplora about the origin of God would have been good if it wasn't one-sided. Therefore I would like to know everyone's opinions about this. Just flesh it out in the comments section.- MasterOfCoin
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  • Essentially the article, although it does little than scratch the surface, is correct.  Having done a huge amount of research on this subject over the years, there is ample evidence here to give us a good flavour of the truth.  Many Christians believe that science and the Bible are at odds with each other, in reality they mostly support each other, without any re-translation, simply, a re-reading of the literal texts.

    As a basis on which to build, we need to lay down some principles and physical laws that must be understood.  Firstly the scientific principle of evidence, which states: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."  The second principle is a physical law; that matter cannot exist without time or dimension (space), neither can space be created within space.  So the only way the universe could be created in the form we know, is if it was created within a condition  where there was no space or time.  We also need to grasp that God, along with angels and demons, are spiritual beings, however God is eternal, unlike angels and demons who are temporal.

    As to God's nature, He is spirit, we are told to worship Him in 'spirit and truth' [John 4:24], but what does it mean that God is spirit?  A likely answer to this contained in Genesis chapter one, when God, through Jesus (The Word) decrees, "let there be light", the actual literal translation of this in Hebrew is "Let light be."  A very subtle difference, but one tha indicates that light was converted from some other substance, as light is electro-magnetic radiation, that other form is 'energy'.  This is confirmed in other places in scripture where God is  regarded as 'light' [1 John 1:5 ].  From this it is a short leap to understand that God is pure energy.

    Looking again at the literal translation of Genesis, from the ancient Hebrew, we find that verses one and two of chapter  one, actually says: "In the beginning of God's preparing the heavens and the earth -- the earth hath existed waste and void, and darkness [is] on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God fluttering on the face of the waters,"  This tells us that the universe pre-existed the Earth's preparing by God, during which time the Earth was a wasteland covered with water. 

    Science has one huge problem, it has no idea how the singularity that expanded into our universe actually came into being.  That expansion dictates that no time or space existed, otherwise the singularity could not have expanded, existing space would acted as a damper and the singularity would have just sat there.  A very basic law of physics, Newton's laws of motion, says that 'every action causes a reaction, and therefore every reaction (the appearance of the singularity) requires an action'.  In other words the singularity could not have appeared by its own volition, it needed a prime mover.  We can therefore assume, quite safely that God (the only rational prime mover) pre-existed the creation.  However God is eternal (always existed) as pure intelligent energy, energy cannot be destroyed, only its form can be changed, which is basically energy/matter conversion.  In these terms it is more logical to think of God as always existing, but there are things tht we wil truly never understand, and those we take on faith.

    • There you are, Derek!
      What a kick-ass explanation?
      It not only delves into biblical proofs but also includes factual scientific citations.
      Thanks a lot for your contribution!
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