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by Ken Simmons

Before everything came into being – there was nothing. He who always was, the Un-created One -- spoke. And in an infinitesimal instant He created both space and time. It is hard for us to imagine something of that magnitude. Prior to that time there was no time, and before that instant there was no space. In that instant “nothing” became “everything.”

At that moment God created all of the energy, which in turn created all of the matter that exists in the entire universe! Maybe Einstein got this one right -- E-mc2.

To put that in perspective, imagine if you will all of the matter just on our home, the earth. The word "trillions" doesn't even come close, and it’s too staggering to comprehend.  Try to extrapolate that to all of the matter in the estimated 400 billion stars in our galaxy, The Milky Way. Now, try to wrap your head around the approximately 170 billion galaxies in the universe, with the trillions of stars and an unimaginable number of planets. The "All-Knowing God" knows how many atoms make up the universe. It's mind-numbing, but that is the purest definition of omniscient. That same God knows all there is to be known, and absolutely nothing is outside of his infinite knowledge. He who always was spoke the word and everything was created from nothing.

Many are confused about the timing of all of this, especially because before that instant in time there was no time. It simply didn’t exist.

The Bible says that “a day is as a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is as a day” (2 Peter 3:8). Since there were no words in the Bible such as million, and billion, it conveys the sense that one day could mean billions of years. Remember, for the One who created time, 13.8 billion years was simply “yesterday.”

That same Someone hears every prayer uttered on earth simultaneously. He also has numbered the hairs on your head, as well as on all of the 7.655 billion people now living on earth, and all of those who have lived and died before the present time. Are you beginning to get the picture?

Even His name is holy – “hallowed be thy name" (Matthew 6:9). YAHWEH, and I AM that I AM are about as close to His actual name as we can get, although there are many other names associated with Him, such as ELOHIM “Creator, Mighty and Strong” – EL SHADDAI “God Almighty” – ADONAI “Lord,” and they all give us a glimpse into the nature of the One who has always been. Many still believe that His name is so holy that we are not worthy to speak that name. Sadly His name is often bandied about and used as a curse word. For those of us who love Him because He first loved us, this is painful to hear.

And this amazing Creator so loved us that when He saw the sinfulness on earth and that mankind had gone through a tragic metamorphosis from being Spirit, Soul, and Body, to becoming Body, Soul, and Spirit (carnal), He sent His only Son to take upon Himself all of the sins of mankind. The Father willingly allowed Him to suffer and die so that we could be saved, so that He, as the Lamb of God, could be our Sacrificial Lamb cleansing us from sin.

Jesus was the ultimate volunteer. As that sacrificial lamb He willingly took all of our dirty sins upon Himself, and then descended into hell, ripped the keys of death, hell, and the grave from the hands of Satan, and then made an open spectacle of the devil so that we would never have to stand before a righteous God and hear the words – “GUILTY!”

Such is the nature of our God.


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