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You may have heard or seen that the Pope is trying to merge Christianity or at least Catholic with Islam as an effort for peace and unity.  Do you think this is going the wrong direction? I think it is. I think the Pope is an agent of the New World Order which calls for One religion worshiping ONE God. There is NO WAY "Chrislam" will work. As Christians, we are to worship Our God and Jesus is the way to heaven. Islamists would not accept our ways and they want to control us. The Pope is leading the Catholic church to a dangerous path. As a lapsed Catholic myself, I refuse to folow this pope and if the church overall goes down that same path, I will break away from the church. I'd rather consider myself as a non dominational Christian than to be assocaited with a man made religion heading toward distruction. 

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  • I study many things but have to admit that I do not know much about the present "pope"or his exacting dialogues with Islam.  I can say this:  No genuine Christian believer is going to try to merge Christianity with another religion.  This activity shows that they have the ignorant and/or twisted view that all religions are equal and that Jesus is just another figure akin to Mohammed, Bhuda, Ghandi, Laotze, et al.....  An educated Christian knows that Jesus is unique and if the "pope" does not care about this than he is false!  On the other hand, it is not wrong to work together with others for a common good such as ending slavery.  Being cordial and kind is a language most understand.  If I have a Muslim neighbor and he and I wish to have a neighborhood watch to fight vandalism/crime that is good.  So what side does this "pope" fall on?

    One does not merge certain things together because you would have a non-functional creature. As far as one world religion goes, it is already here.  It is self-worship and materialism.

    • Sadly, many folks have turned to that one 'religion' of self-worship and materialism, As far as Christians and Muslims working together, that would be nice if it's for peace. Sad to say, it being unlikely because their beliefs conflict with ours. 

  • I've seen some views that the pope is fulfilling the end times prophesy and it's not good. New world order calling for one religion and one god, Lucifer, Obviously,  I don't want to follow this and there are a lot of things about the Catholic church I question and no longer choose to practice. 

  • You are true in saying that a part of the End Times prophesy is forming one church and the Roman church has been working toward that for decades. I cannot believe how blind the Roman church has been to God's word, they claim to be the true church, but that is not true, the Roman church only came into being during the fourth century when Constantine made Christianity to official faith of the failing Roman Empire. For three hundred years the church, or 'The Way' developed and grew, following Christ's direction and example. In the case of the Roman church, it was born of Sun worship, a combining of two religions in order to make it acceptable to the majority in the empire. Many believe that the 'Harlot' of John's Book of Revelation, along side the combining of European states (EU), and from that single church the false prophet will rise.


    The signs have been there for close to seventeen-hundred years, that the Roman church worships not only one god but gods adopted by the empire so long ago. In St. Peter's Square, dominating to open piazza is an eighty-foot obelisk from Egypt and installed in thirty-seven AD. The on-line encyclopedia Wiki-pedia says: “The obelisk symbolized the sun god Ra, and during the brief religious reformation of Akhenaten was said to be a petrified ray of the Aten, the sundisk. ... The Ancient Romans were strongly influenced by the obelisk form, to the extent that there are now more than twice as many obelisks standing in Rome as remain in Egypt, [thirteen in all].” The Romans worshipped their gods in the form of statues, as did the Egyptians, so the Roman church had to allow the use of these 'Graven Images', and that practice continues today. Also the Roman feasts, celebrations, and minor gods needed to be continued in order to make the new religion acceptable. To this end feasts and celebrations were renamed and and the many gods were replaced by saints. These saints were continued to be prayed to and bowed to as minor gods, and the most important of all the primary day of worship became Sunday instead the Saturday Sabbath, because Romans were used to worshipping on that 'Sun' day.


    What I do not find implausible is that the Roman church should spear-head a movement toward ecumenicism on a poly-religion level. Satan continued his influence over the Church and rubbed his hands with delight. Satan, in my view continues to his influence the Roman church today. Recently I have been contributing to a Roman Catholic discussion site, I have posed many questions, using Bible references and like the Ten Commandments, comparing Catholic tradition with what the Bible says. I have been called every name you can imagine, Judaizer, heretic, liar, a protestant devil, and many more. No matter what scripture you place in frint of them, they ignore it and dismiss it.

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