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The Way to Pray

We all know that Jesus taught His disciples how to pray by the example of the Lord's Prayer, which was a format that the Lord recommended, who would know better that God made man? However there are many examples of how to pray, and believe it or not…
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Victory is found in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He gave himself to death, knowing He would rise victories over hell, death and the grave. Not for Himself but for you and I to have peace with God.

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Not forgot

God has not forgotten you, because you don't see the answer.Just be willing to wait because God' is not a man that He' should lie.He is faithful to His word above His name meaning you can count on Him.

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Persecuted Church

Special prayer request

My beloved Pastor Richard Scholes will enter Christie's hospital in Manchester for a Bone marrow transplant. Please pray for him and for His wife Esther and Children Isaac, Joel, Levi and Eva.... Brother I love you so…

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Special Devotions

Welcome to Special Devotion

I hope you will be blessed by this devotion and links.. please take time to click on them and to pass them on


Special Sermon

Please listen to this amazing sermon. ONLY SEVEN MINUTES LONG..…

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