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The Higher Soul


"The one who finds his life will lose it, and the one who loses his life because of me will find it."-Matthew 10:39

It is good to review some basics of Christian teachings.  In Matthew 10 Yeshua is telling those that will listen that they have two basic choices.  They can either be focused on their selves or they can be focused on the higher life through Christ.  The first type will eventually be lost for it is only temporal, whereas the life (or "self", "Psuche") that is Christ centered is something that withstands the Ages.

Another thing about the higher life is that when you help others, which followers of Christ do, it gives you a good feeling.  There is an undeniable good feeling in helping others. When I show love to another by helping them my total being, is more at peace.

pastor Zomok

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  • Every morning, sending the wifie off to work, I tell her I love her, and remind her to "Share God" throughout her day. Facing the world, we are coming from a position of sharing our Lord in all our affairs, with everyone we meet, in every decision, throughout our day. And, like Steve says, this brings peace to us.

  • I could not agree more Steve.  There is an undeniable link between our state of mind and our physical being.  When we feel good about ourselves, when we 'comfortable' in our skin, we are more content and that impacts on our health, particularly our mental state, which in turn impacts our physical health.  The Lord, through Christ, laid the path for our well-being, to be able to rest in Him, to trust in Him to lay our troubles and worries at His feet, to show love to others as we love ourselves, and help those in need.  Here is the recipe for a contented life, a Christ filled life.

  • Amen!  Focus upon the Lord. and His will will be done through you.  You will find peace in doing His works.

  • Pastor Steve, Trying to live a CHRIST-Like life,  meaning loving others the way CHRIST did and still does, and attempting to take care of others got me into "hot water"  with my therapist on several occasions, because when I might do something kind     or caring to try to help someone out, she would say, "There you go again being co-dependent".  I finally told her to stop about my so called co-dependency because I wouldn't stop  and then I told her why.  I have 2 reasons for doing for others even if it doesn't fit into what I have going on or what I necessarily want and those 2 things are that 1.  It is living a CHRIST-Like life, and 2 It Does feel good once you have done what needs doing.  Unfortunately sometimes taking care of someone also means being capable of sayin "NO" or "stop this behavior" and that is uncomfortable to me and there are times when I don't see when I should say no.   

    • Speaking (writing) about loving others, which demands we care for others, I wanted to bring another verse to your attention, it is not a restriction but sets a minimum standard for us:

      37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbour as yourself. [Matthew 22:37-38] 

      Also another verse about treating others as you would wish them to treat you [Matthew 7:12], this has nothing to do with co-dependency, this is showing a genuine [2 Corinthians 8:8] love to others, not depending upon them to make ourselves feel good or superior.   The way we expect to be treated is a standard to how we treat those around us.

      • I love these two Cardinal commands.  They reflect the Shema and basically sum up the Ten Commandments.  I consider this blog a success because many have read the words even if only a few of us have typed any words.  It is my hope that more members will join in and share..

    • Terry I do not know what goes on between you and your "therapist" but being charitable is not codependecy, however, if you are being charitable to get the approval of others and even enabling others to do things that are wrong (i.e. buying drugs), then it could be deemed by some to be codependency.  You must follow the pattern of Yeshua, our Lord.  When Jesus healed and helped others it was always in a way that was focused on both justice and mercy. 

      Sometimes when I am out and about I will give hungry folks granola bars and such or bottled water.  This way I do not support iniquity of any sort.  And I do not give too much because if I do then the same folks are right there waiting for their daily meal when they should be looking for work.  I find myself calculating what is the best option.

      • You are right Pastor.  I never agreed with her about my "co-dependency" because I felt and still feel that when I am helping someone it is because that is what I want and I believe that is What YESHUA would have me  do, therefore it is my opinion that I should continue on as I have, but as you say, within reason and not to the point that the person or persons I am trying to help don't try to help themselves.  Even "well educated" professionals s like my past therapist can and misinformed or less tolerant than they should be.   I must say, though, thank you for giving your opinion, which I respect.  Now when I try and second guess myself I will think first am I enabling or if I look at it and decide that I'm not then it opens the door for me to go ahead without reserve and help  at the same time attempting to help them learn to do for themselves.  Also, Sister Eloise, thank you for your input as well.  

    • Amen!

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