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by Ken Simmons

From 1933, when Adolf Hitler rose to absolute power in Germany, until his death in 1945, 6 million Jews and an untold number of non-Jewish people were exterminated. It is estimated that Hitler was responsible for more than 50 million deaths. As unimaginably horrific as are these statistics, political correctness maintains a cloak of silence on an even greater tragedy.

The leading cause of death worldwide is not cancer, heart attacks, wars, or any other cause, but it is – abortion!

The deliberate taking of a human life inside the womb is euphemistically labeled as “the right to choose.” As of today there have been more than *61.75 million babies aborted in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973. Just since 1980, when they began keeping statistics, there have been more than *1.554 billion deaths due to abortion worldwide. For those of us for whom numbers are not their strong suit – 1.554 billion is -- 1 THOUSAND MILLION, plus ANOTHER 554 MILLION.

In the U.S. more than 19 million African American babies have been killed inside the womb than any other racial group, and under any other circumstances this would be labeled as genocidal. But thanks to political correctness it is rarely mentioned.

-- U.S. DEATH TOLL FROM ABORTIONS since Roe v. Wade – 61.75 MILLION


Instead of the mother's womb being the safest and most nurturing place for the unborn -- it has become the most dangerous place on earth. Nothing else in history has recorded 1.55 billion deaths but inside the womb of the mother. Let that one sink in – more human beings die inside the womb than in any other place in the world!

In fact, the worldwide death toll (inside the mother’s womb) equals more deaths than the American Revolutionary War with England, the U.S. Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East – combined!

And what is the moral justification for this tragedy? A "Woman's Right to Choose?" Is that what it has come down to? This writer believes that the day will come when we will all learn what God has to say about the matter. But don’t be surprised if He’s not pleased about it.

Unplanned and unwanted pregnancy is tragic for all concerned, and should never be minimized. One example would be a 16-year-old girl who has to tell her parents she is pregnant. She must face the most difficult dilemma imaginable. The decision to keep the child will forever change her life. Whether she is prepared or not, she will always be a mother. The responsibility is life-long and it never ends. Even if she chooses to put the baby up for adoption, until the day she dies she will always be a mother. Her life will never be the same. But as difficult as this situation is, the alternative is that her child will be dead. If she chooses abortion she will always be the mother of a dead baby.

The same holds true for the woman with five children who finds herself pregnant, and she is having difficulty providing for the five, let alone a sixth child. If she keeps the new baby her life will become even more difficult. But if she chooses abortion she will always be the mother of a dead baby. It’s a choice between a matter of difficulty and inconvenience, or the death of her child.

But there's good news for any woman who has chosen to have her unborn child aborted -- that same God is also more than willing to forgive, and to wipe away the tears that so many suffer through because of this tragedy. How do we get His forgiveness? Just ask Him – He’s got a great big heart.

Please consider “ADOPTION over ABORTION"


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