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A lot of preachers teach today we are not to keep the commandments of the bible they say it has been all done a way they are lying because Jesus Said dont think i have come to do away with the law or the prophets i did not come to do away but to make full. These false teachers are of satan Jesus said man is not to live on bread alone but my every word of God so if you keep sunday and halloween and christmas these are not from God .No where are they in the bible they are pagan pratices we are to keep the sabbath Jesus said the sabbath was made for man thats mean all men and women its his day of worship and no its not just for the Jews God said ALL Man . From Friday sunset til saturday sunset the new day starts at sunsundown not at midnight

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  • Concerning the commandments. In the Bible, God says His commandments will be written in our heart and put in our mind. So it's the opposite of what those say who claim that we don't have to keep His commandments. Because now it's not just physical, but spiritual. So now we have to keep the commandments within us, in our heart and mind, not just outwardly.

    But, yes, this is done through Christ. And the Bible says that love is the fulfillment of the law. And Jesus said that if we love Him, then obey His commandments.

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