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Thou shalt not give into temptation!! Gluttony, the act of overeating and weight gain

 My weight loss challenge.

I would like to do a weight loss challenge. I am under the belief that being fat and over weight is a form of gluttony, and therefore a sin. It also involves giving into temptation which is a commandment that should not be broken. Although we are all sinners, god has given us 10 commandments in the bible to abide by and my aim is to become a person who is free from sin.

I am someone is size 18 and overweight, I have gained and lost weight over a period of years, but would like to lose weight and this time keep it off rather than having my weight fall off and creep back on again year by year.

I can understand thinking about your appearance can be seen as vain which is a sin, but it is also important to consider the importance of what being fat or overweight can represent in the eyes of Jesus, a form of gluttony and temptation when going to overeat, which is usually what is believed to make people get fat. The act of indulging in too much food can make you fat which is why I believe it is important for me to lose weight and maintain in.

The temptation to eat the wrong foods in large amounts seems to be the problem such being tempted by chocolate and crisps, cake and fatty and oily fried food, like sausages and eggs. I believe that losing weight in the eyes of god is onto a good path because it means you have stopped being gluttonous, and giving in temptation which is a sin, and lost weight due to be good and holy rather than staying in the frame of mind of overeating. 

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